Andrew Fullerton 

Andrew Fullerton is an Assistant Project Manager for MADI group but wears a lot of different hats. Always willing to help out and dive in, he finds humor in all that he does, with a particular penchant for self-deprecation.

Although he is originally from Northern Ireland, he’s been in Santa Cruz for long enough now that he is fluent in the culture, language, and the weird.

He enjoys the construction process; the hard work that brings joy as the parties involved see lines on a page come to life. He sees Architecture as much more than a vehicle to get from here to there. He’s interested in how spaces can create environments that improve well-being and mental health. He revels in details that combine to make the project come together.

In his spare time, he can usually be found brewing beer, watching sports, or hanging out with his family in the redwoods. He loves (probably outdated) music and films and occasionally will drop references that invariably miss on his co-workers.

He doesn’t look good in a hat.

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