Caitlin Gilbert 

Caitlin Gilbert is an intern at MADI gaining experience and knowledge in the world of design and architecture as she continues her schooling at Cabrillo College. Her favorite parts about interning at MADI are all of the opportunities to learn and getting to work alongside inspiring coworkers in a positive and hardworking atmosphere. She is an active person who likes to spend as much time as possible adventuring outdoors, you can usually find her exploring from the mountains to the ocean where she gets most of her inspiration for her art.


When Caitlin isn’t outside, she is enjoying all things creative: she is tremendously passionate about listening to music, writing poetry, and most of all working on her paintings- her art reflects her eye for color and imagination that focuses on uniqueness and straying outside the lines. It is important to her to live a life filled with positivity, passion, and originality- using art to bring balance to the world and bring people together.

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